The technological design of resilient landscape. il

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The technological design of resilient landscape. il

Our urban environment is in constant flux brought on by changes in economies and climate change. Issues of adaptation and resiliency are increasingly more relevant to all design disciplines. Jim Wasley and Jennifer Cooper-Sabo will discuss their design projects and research related to managing stormwater, revitalizing brownfields, and assessing climate change risk and adaptation in the Great Lakes and Bay Area regions.

He has been designing and building stormwater demonstration projects on the UWM campus since This has in turn led to a suite of ten demonstration projects on the harbor at the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences that are moving towards implementation.

She is an award-winning landscape architect with fifteen years of experience in professional practice as well as in academia leading performative landscape design studios. Working alongside scientists on contaminated sites, her hybrid landscape typologies diversify habitats and reinterpret industrial and cultural histories.

She seeks to explore larger regional thinking while engaging the human scale working in close collaboration with urban designers, architects and client teams from concepts through to project design ground level detail.

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Tags Events Resiliency Landscape. Did you know? Go to my stream.Our inspirational approach shifts the focus of NBS towards the co-benefits to multidimensional health-termed Health. GOGREEN ROUTES transdisciplinary consortium will pioneer a unique approach augmenting NBS, urban design with the goal of fostering a positive human-nature relationship, flourishing nature connectedness and promoting citizen engagement through digital, educational and behavioural innovation.

An urban well-being lab, based on the living lab methodology will couple participatory approaches with the Big Data analyses. HSC See other projects for this call. Last update: 3 July Record number: Veuillez activer JavaScript.

the technological design of resilient landscape. il

Por favor, active JavaScript. Bitte aktivieren Sie JavaScript. Si prega di abilitare JavaScript. Fact Sheet Fact Sheet. Fact Sheet. Programme s HEU. Topic s SC - Visionary and integrated solutions to improve well-being and health in cities. Call for proposal HSC See other projects for this call. Funding Scheme IA - Innovation action. Activity type. Higher or Secondary Education Establishments. EU contribution. Website Opens in new window. Contact the organisation Opens in new window. Participants 38 Sort alphabetically.

Sort by EU Contribution. Expand all. College Green 2 Dublin. Arcisstrasse 21 Muenchen. Templergraben 55 Aachen. United Kingdom. Hamarvegen Elverum.

Narva Road 25 Tallinn. Via Giuseppe Verdi 8 Torino. Yliopistonkatu 36 Lappeenranta. Prinsstraat 13 Antwerpen. C Rossello Planta 05 Barcelona. Avenue De Paris 55 Versailles. Qing Hua Yuan Beijing. Skolgatan 31A Umea. Merchants Quay V94 Limerick. Aleksandrovska 26 Burgas.And how can we be visionary in our approach to each and every assignment?

Our industry constantly yearns for innovation, with each hotel brand and independent operator seeking ways in which they can differentiate themselves to gain their own unique space in a very crowded marketplace. Ultimately, hotels, as a real estate asset class, are challenging.

Any investment risk must be justified by the requisite financial rewards. Hospitality industry experts first started talking about brand proliferation in the mids. Over the years, we have seen a torrent on independent innovators and brand extensions from the major operators.

Indeed, today, the big six hotel companies hold an incredible 90 brands between them. With such saturation in the marketplace, our clients are asking us one key question: How can we differentiate to get ahead? What concepts are currently on our drawing boards at integrated hospitality design firm, WATGthat will be entering the market in the next few years? Technology is expensive and quickly becomes dated. These principles are driving our designs of late; a return to analogue rather than digital.

That said, t here will of course be ways to utilize technology to enhance the guest experience. But we see these as subtle touches, rather than drastic interventions. Many land owners we work with have a genuine commitment to stewardship, and we see this as integral to the enduring success of a project.

the technological design of resilient landscape. il

Developers will progressively ask us to define niche hospitality concepts. These will be bespoke to the demands of very specific and evolving target markets.


Design concepts will focus increasingly on generational consumer and technology trends and the nuances in habits of specific geographic source markets. Unique, tailored hotel concepts tend to gain industry-wide attention and despite their targeted strategy, often end up as part of the mainstream.

Our lives are jam-packed with wearables, apps, healthy-eating blogs, fitness mash-ups and endless pop-ups to lure us into the belief that if we become disciples we can live forever.

Hotel fitness facilities remain largely traditional in nature. This has to change. That said, we do have some interesting brand combos and extensions happening. But as consumers demand more bespoke fitness and wellness routines and a more experiential approach to the tedium of exercise, hotels and resorts will need to become more experimental and absorb some of the entrepreneurial ideas spinning around the fitness and beauty market.Curbing Sediment collects sediment washed along curbs and street aprons in shallow troughs.

We search the red-brown carpet for spring flowers: purple Primula vulgaris, chartreuse Helleborus caucasicus, and Petasites albus.

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She brings takeaway instant coffee and cream puffs to the sidewalk. As we descend the congested Georgian Military Highway in the Aragvi valley toward Tbilisi, hundreds of trucks straddle the verge and pavement, idled cargoes of produce and mineral water from Turkey, Armenia, and Georgia.

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Drivers sleep, piss, pace, and make repairs; the normal delays at the alpine Georgian—Russian border, now exacerbated by the crisis. I dodge the oncoming cars and curse. If you have a high fever and cough, consult a doctor. We wish you health! The streets are already empty of cars; only the buzz of mopeds prevails. Cold Caucasus winds slice the plateaus at night. I wake to silence and snow. Had the city cooled in the slowdown?

With fewer cars and a decrease in air pollution, is there now new space in the atmosphere for precipitation?

the technological design of resilient landscape. il

On the news, bearded monks in black Ford Fs and Toyota Land Cruiser Prados circle Republic Square, scattering holy water in the slush to combat the virus; the first salvo in a split-screen battle over containment and cure, between faith and science, the church and the state. All Ours A photographic essay of Washington, D. After Extraordinary Conditions With a small landscape architecture practice and a gimlet eye, the author makes her way around the city of Tbilisi, Georgia, during the coronavirus lockdown.

The full table of contents for July can be found here. Our subscription page has more information on subscription options. As part of an ongoing effort to make content more accessible, LAM will be making select stories available to readers in Spanish.

For a full list of translated articles, please click here. Just as the book came out, the pandemic began, quickly raising questions about food supplies. There were numerous reports of stalled and wasted produce, dairy, and eggs. LAM asked Lickwar and Thoren to trade notes by e-mail for a week in April about their reactions to the kinds of disruptions emerging, and how more intentional, landscape-driven approaches to food production might avert other disruptions down the line.

The report available here covers both policy and design interventions that can address this chasm. Those are now more urgent as the nation grapples with the twin crises of COVID, which has made outdoor landscapes vital places for safe refugeand racial inequality, which is easily read through access to public waterfronts.

The report focuses on New York and New Jersey and includes input from more than 60 organizations. Landscape architects answer the call to define our post-pandemic future. We heard back quickly, with nearly landscape architects weighing in within a few days, and a range of the responses fill the next several pages.

the technological design of resilient landscape. il

While there were many different opinions about the experience of teaching, working, and learning remotely, several things poked up over and over. The need for enhanced communication and clarity—with colleagues and clients—was one of the most frequently cited lessons.

Working from home has yielded seismic changes to design processes, with many landscape architects vowing to incorporate more geographical flexibility into their future practice and, notably, into hiring. Across the board, students expressed real anxiety about their employment prospects, underscoring an urgency already felt to find ways to retain early career designers and new graduates.

Resilient Landscapes: Designing for Water, Risk, and Remediation

Fewer cars, lower carbon emissions, less paper, and more time outside and with family were cited by nearly everyone as eye-opening, unexpected benefits.

But for most respondents, the pandemic is a call to action. COVID and adjacent world events have exposed these flaws to more of the world and thereby have offered us an opportunity to build something better, locally and globally. The latest episode of the Landscape Architecture Podcast from Michael Todoran, ASLA, takes a small step toward addressing what the profession of landscape architecture can do to act as counterweight against the most recent incidents of state-sanctioned violence against black Americans.Working with nature -- instead of in opposition to it -- helps communities become more resilient and come back stronger after disruptive natural events.

Long-term resilience is about continuously bouncing back and regenerating. It's also time to stop putting communities and infrastructure in high-risk places. And we need to reduce sprawl, which further exacerbates the risks. Resilient landscape planning and design offers a way forward for communities. We can now use multi-layered systems of protection, with diverse, scalable elements, any one of which can fail safely in the event of a catastrophe.

Many communities have attempted to find a single solution to disasters through heavy-handed infrastructure projects: walls to keep out water, power plants to cool cities. But working with nature to create multi-layered defenses provides several co-benefits. For example, constructed coastal buffers, made of reefs and sand, can also provide wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities; urban forests made up of diverse species clean the air while reducing the urban heat island effect; and green infrastructure designed to control flooding also provides needed community space and creates jobs.

The goal of resilient landscape planning and design is to retrofit our communities to recover more quickly from extreme events, now and in the future.

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In an era when disasters can cause traditional, built systems to fail, adaptive, multi-layered systems can maintain their vital functions and are often the more cost-effective and practical solutions.

In an age of rising waters and temperatures and diminishing budgets, the best defenses are adaptive, like nature.

This guide is organized around disruptive events that communities now experience: drought, extreme heat, fire, flooding, landslides, and, importantly, biodiversity loss, which subverts our ability to work with nature.

Quest for Resilience Adaptive Strategies for Sustainable Landscape Design 12 14 18

The guide includes numerous case studies and resources demonstrating multi-benefit systems as well as the small-scale solutions that fit within those. This guide was written by Aaron King and Jared Green. Please e-mail them to ASLA at info asla. Professional Practice Resilient Design.

Contact JobLink Julia Lent membership asla. Share this.When you think about what's needed to create profound, durable, and widespread change in how we live with nature, what comes to mind? Inspired by a recent Guardian article, Resilience Thematic Group members answered three questions about their conservation visions for the s. Come Along! Blog at WordPress.

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Ask about RTG! When you think about working at the landscape-scale, what promise does this hold for you? Featured 5. How can your resilience work advance racial equity and justice? June 12, 0. May 9, 0. February 17, 0. What strategic investment principles do you apply to build the resilience of your landscape? May 26, 0. Part 4 of Inventing ecological society - one experiment at a time. March 31, 0. Part 3 of Inventing ecological society - one experiment at a time.

March 10, 0. Part 2 of Inventing ecological society - one experiment at a time. February 23, 3. Part 1 of Inventing ecological society - one experiment at a time. January 27, 0.

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GO GREEN: Resilient Optimal Urban natural, Technological and Environmental Solutions

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